Create Your Legacy

Imagine opening a dusty box and finding a letter from your grandparent or favorite relative from long ago.  You open it to find it is written to you, with their best stories, hard-earned lessons, and dearest wishes.  What a gift it would be! Wouldn’t you like to give this gift to your loved ones?


The stories you tell, the memories you make, the love you give — this is your legacy, as much or even more than the money or things you might leave in your Will.  To help you create something that will help your loved ones remember you, and know what is in your heart, I offer three types of services:

We’re all so busy, and many people find it hard to make time for things that matter most. Sometimes they don’t know how to start, or have a hard time organizing their thoughts in a coherent way. Yet everyone wishes they had a beautiful message like this from their parents or grandparents, and would love to pass along their hard-won wisdom and values for their loved ones.

In my workshops and individual coaching sessions, I help people get past their good intentions and actually make their vision a reality.  I create a comfortable safe environment and use a proven process to help you focus in on what is important to you, and shape it into something that can be shared with the people you love, as well as future generations. Once complete, they can be preserved in a variety of formats, such as a simple written document or in a richly illustrated hardbound book.

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