Ethical Wills / Legacy Letters


Letters from the Heart”: Legacy Letters/Ethical Wills

In your Last Will and Testament, you pass along the financial and material assets you’ve accumulated in your life, for the next generation. An Ethical Will, also known as a Legacy Letter, is a chance for you to pass along something even more valuable:  your wisdom and love.  This is a way to share your values, life lessons, hopes and dreams with your family, friends, and community.

A Legacy Letter is like a love letter to the future.

In my “Letters from the Heart” workshop, I use powerful exercises and writing prompts to help you focus in on what you most want to say to your loved ones and those in the future. You’ll receive support, structure, and encouragement in the safety of a small group. In just a few hours, guided by a trained instructor using a proven process, you will leave with something that is truly unique and meaningful.

No writing experience is required.

Click here to see real-life examples of Legacy Letters.  Have more questions?  Visit the FAQ page.

New classes are forming now!  

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Typically, the fee for the workshop runs around $50/participant, depending on location and possible sponsors.  Printing and production costs are extra, if you choose to do that.

I am Certified as a Legacy Navigator by Celebrations of Life, the national leader in this field. Visit their website for more information.






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