Guided Autobiography


“Stories from the Heart”: Guided Autobiography Classes

Have you tried to write your life story, only to get overwhelmed, or lose steam? The unfinished work floats around your desk, and you keep meaning to get to it, but never do?

Your life story is truly a gift from the heart ~ for yourself, your loved ones, and future generations.

In my “Stories from the Heart” class, you’ll write ten short but meaningful stories about your life, each on a different theme. You’ll receive support, structure, and encouragement in the safety of a small group. Guided by a trained instructor, you will explore themes and priming questions that evoke memories of events once known but filed away and seemingly forgotten.

No writing experience is required.  The purpose of this class is help you tell your story in your voice, for the people who matter to you.


The cost of the 10 session class is $175/participant.

This ten-session class uses the well-tested Guided Autobiography model taught by the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies, where I trained as an Instructor.

The next class will begin in January 2019.

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