for Estate Attorneys & Financial Advisors

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  • Gain a greater understanding of your clients, resulting in the highest quality work possible.
  • Differentiate yourself and your practice from other professionals.
  • Show your clients that you genuinely care about them as people.
  • Create deep, generational relationships and referrals.

Benefits to your Clients:

  • The opportunity to reflect and define what is most important in their lives.
  • Living with more intention and greater purpose.
  • Improved intergenerational communication and relationships.
  • Greater peace of mind, knowing their life and legacy is in order.
  • A lasting, cherished personal gift for family and future generations.
  • Clarification of values for making financial, retirement, transition and philanthropic decisions.

To arrange for an Ethical Will/Legacy Letter workshop for your clients,
contact Janet at 303-525-5247 or