for Senior Communities

JanetMeyer 6If you are looking for quality programs to empower seniors to celebrate their lives, look forward to the future, build their legacies and make a difference, look no further.

Most people enter this time of life knowing they have much to share and many stories to tell.  However, they usually don’t know how to start.  Stories From the Heart is a fun, meaningful and affordable way for folks to share their life experiences and what is most meaningful to them.  Not only do participants leave the workshops with ten written stories to share with their loved ones, they also leave with a deeper understanding of themselves, and a closer bond with their classmates.

We would be happy to discuss the specific ways we can tailor our programs to your needs.

To arrange for a “Stories From the Heart” workshop for your clients,
contact Janet at 303-525-5247 or

Photo credit: Flickr user Bill Gracey